This utility clones, exports, and/or imports file and directory timestamps.


timeclone [-v] [-e | -i] [-r] source target

  -v  Verbose mode; prints status.
  -e  Export mode; target is a .timeclone file.
  -i  Import mode; source must be a .timeclone file.
  -r  Recursive mode; processes directory trees.

For more information, please consult the readme.txt file found inside the package.

Use case examples

TimeClone could be used after a copy operation to ensure that the timestamps of the copied directory structures match those of the source (if the copy was not performed using vcopy).

A recursive timestamp export of a directory tree could, when diff'ed against earlier exports, provide a quick way to track changes within a directory tree. Although a comparison of a full checksum export (such as those produced using HashCheck) would be a more thorough and reliable way to detect changes, timestamp exports are much quicker to generate.

Windows 2000 (or newer) is required.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
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[CMP]timeclone-2.0.2-redist.7z2011-03-06 05:06 14K 
[CHK]timeclone-2.0.2-redist.md52011-03-06 05:06 61 MD5 hashes
[CMP]timeclone-2.0.3-redist.7z2012-07-22 01:20 14K 
[CHK]timeclone-2.0.3-redist.md52012-07-22 01:20 61 MD5 hashes
[CMP]timeclone-2.0.4-redist.7z2013-05-29 17:34 14K 
[CHK]timeclone-2.0.4-redist.md52013-05-29 17:34 61 MD5 hashes