elevate - Command-Line UAC Elevation Utility

This utility executes a command with UAC privilege elevation. This is useful for working inside command prompts or with batch files.


elevate [(-c | -k) [-n] [-u]] [-w] command

  -c  Launches a terminating command processor; equivalent to "cmd /c command".
  -k  Launches a persistent command processor; equivalent to "cmd /k command".
  -n  When using -c or -k, do not pushd the current directory before execution.
  -u  When using -c or -k, use Unicode; equivalent to "cmd /u".
  -w  Waits for termination; equivalent to "start /wait command".

For more information, please consult the readme.txt file found inside the package.


Although there are a number of other tools that serve the same purpose, this particular utility has several features that set it apart from the rest:

Windows Vista (or newer) is required.

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