Miscellaneous Code

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory 
[DIR]addpath/tool to append/prepend to the system's PATH environment variable
[DIR]elevate/tool to invoke commands with UAC elevation; useful for command lines and batch files
[DIR]fixiepng/yet another PNG alpha transparency fix for MSIE6; a cleaner and better solution
[DIR]fontreg/tool to silently install fonts and/or repair font registrations
[DIR]hashutils/command-line hashing/checksumming tools (crc32sum, md4sum, md5sum, sha1sum, ed2ksum)
[DIR]hidecon/tool to hide the current console (for use by batch files)
[DIR]hideexec/tool to launch a hidden process; useful for starting console processes silently
[DIR]inlinedisposition/prevents web servers from using forced, server-initiated saves in Firefox
[DIR]notepad2/my modified version of Notepad2; source patches and installers are available
[DIR]pendmove/tool to schedule an in-use file to be moved at reboot; useful for deleting malware
[DIR]resetwmi/tool to reset the WMI repository; useful for repairing WMI repository corruptions
[DIR]resizefile/tool to truncate or extend/preallocate files
[DIR]runinf/light-weight INF launcher; useful for ensuring the correct Wow64 translation behavior
[DIR]stripshortname/command-line utility to strip 8.3 short filenames in NTFS
[DIR]tabsubmit/a Firefox extension that lets the user submit forms to a new tab or window
[DIR]timeclone/tool to clone, export, and/or import file and directory timestamps
[DIR]vcopy/command-line file copy utility featuring better attribute and timestamp preservation
[DIR]vhdutils/command-line utilities to manipulate (resize, merge, etc.) VHD/VHDX files
[DIR]winisoutils/miscellaneous utilities for Windows ISO disc images