kComics Comics Aggregator

Under Construction; until this page is up, you can see a demonstration of kComics here

This is a customizable and extensible comics aggregator that I wrote using Perl. For a given date, it will gather together all the comics for that particular date and place them on a single generated page in an order specified by user configuration. This is, in effect, just like looking at a newspaper's comics section.

This aggregator was written years ago, long before RSS feeds were commonplace, but even today, I still use kComics every morning because RSS aggregation, although more flexible and extensible, cannot do this job as well.

One of these days, I hope to get around to reviewing my code to make sure that it's suitable for release, I will release the source. I also plan on porting kComics (which is currently written in Perl) to the Mozilla toolkit one of these days (i.e., a Firefox extension) since not everyone has httpd running on localhost and since hosting kComics on a centralized public server is wasteful.