vcopy - Verbatim Copy

This utility copies files and directory trees while fully preserving all timestamps, and when possible, NTFS compression and encryption attributes.


vcopy [-v] [-p] [-t] [-r] [-h] [-s] [-c] [-crc32 | -md4 | -md5 | -sha1 | -ed2k] source [...] destination

  -v  Verbose mode; prints status.
  -p  Preserves destination files; do not overwrite files.
  -t  Strips away streams and other NTFS-specific metadata.
  -r  Strips away all read-only file attributes.
  -h  Strips away all hidden file attributes.
  -s  Strips away all system file attributes.
  -c  Strips away all compressed file attributes.
  -crc32, -md4, -md5, -sha1, or -ed2k
      Computes hashes; also implies -t and redirects status messages to stderr.

For more information, please consult the readme.txt file found inside the package.

Why vcopy?

The primary benefit to using vcopy is that it preserves all timestamps and NTFS compression and encryption attributes, when possible. Normally, copy operations will fail to preserve any of the timestamps on directories and the creation and access timestamps on files. Especially in the case of directory timestamps, this default copy behavior wreaks havoc on people who depend on their files and directory trees having meaningful timestamps.

You can also suppress and strip out certain file attributes from being copied; for example, the read-only attribute when copying files from a CD-ROM.

Additionally, vcopy can compute hashes for files as they are being copied, eliminating the need for a wasteful second read pass.

Windows XP (or newer) is required for version 1.4.0 and newer; earlier versions are compatible with Windows 2000.

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[CHK]vcopy-1.4.2-redist.md52013-09-12 22:20 57 MD5 hashes